Cabinet Signs

Cabinet Signs are another common form of sign used for store fronts. These sign cabinets range from acrylic face, routed-out face, and routed-out face with push-thru letters & logos. They are usually lighted and also used in combination with channel letters. Many cabinets also include letters and logos in neon which are placed directly on the cabinet.

The Benefits:

Fabricated in many designs, styles, shapes and colors
Convenient when trying to display more company information
Powered with LED lighting or lamps
Durable, light weight, low maintenance
City, county and UL approved

We custom fabricate all our of sign cabinets. Need a specific color? No problem. Our in-house paint station allows us to virtually match any color. We install these cabinets flush to a building wall, on a pole, or projected outwards (referred to as a projecting sign).

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