Channel Letters

Channel Letters are mainly used for store front signage. There are various types of channel letters including front-lit, reverse (or halo) lit, edge-lit, and non-illuminated.

The Benefits:

Enhances advertising potential and reach
Fabricated in any kind of designs, styles, shapes, and colors
Materials are rust, stain-resistant, and light-weight
Powered with LED lighting or Neon
Virtually Maintenance Free
City, County, and UL approved

We specialize in these types of signs therefore we will work within any budget our client may have. We are knowledgeable in various city sign guidelines and ensure that our work is of the highest quality and caliber. All of our channel letter signs are UL approved assuring our clients that electrical requirements are safely met.

And contrary to the way many teachers and administrators react, these dragons need to be cared for and tamed, not avoided or slain